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Peafowls' Dance Drama

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A Peacock in its prime tries to woo a Peahen with his brilliant display and spectacular dance. In spite of so many iridescent blue "eyes" focusing on her, she continues to nonchalantly forage for grains, remaining cautious to ensure her chicks' safety.
There are few other Peafowls sitting on a nearby tree, watching this dance drama.
To add to the excitement, an adolescent peacock, who is yet to grow his train feathers, jumps on to the stage and starts dancing...
Watch the video to see how this dance drama unfolds...

Note: Keep your speakers on to hear the sounds and choose HD in video settings for best experience.

These wild peafowls are filmed in a village outskirts of Southern India.
Peafowl is the India's National Bird and is protected. Yet the contiued use of pesticides and weedicides is a risk for these beautiful birds, as is for all creatures, including humans. If we want the earth to remain beautiful with all its charming creatures, we need to start doing our bit by eating/growing organic foods and also by ensuring we stay away from all wildlife produce including feathers.

Few snapshots from the 'Dance Drama' that you might enjoy:

As the peacock dances, the peahen sitting on a nearby tree, pretends to ignore him!

An adolescent Peacock manages to look his best in spite of not having grown the train feathers!

At last Peahen credits the Handsome peacock with a sideways glance !