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5 Thoughts for the year 2015

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Here are a few thoughts for 2015, inspired by the grandeur of Nature.

When the mountain ranges are obscured by clouds, we need not wish away the clouds to see the scenery; we only have to shift our perspective.

Nilgiri Mountian Ranges amidst clouds

Human mind tends to flit from one goal to another, in relentless pursuit of appreciation that leads to short bursts of happiness. When we breakout of this rush and immerse ourselves in stillness of nature, we find the path to unconditioned and everlasting happiness.

Common Indian Crow Butterfly resting on a twig

There is peace in doing our bit for planet earth, without worrying about upkeep of appearances. When we carry on our work and allow the universe to take over, our life will overflows with beauty and abundance.

Short-legged Hunchback Ant on a Lantana bud

Beautiful reflections are formed only in calm waters. A mind free from the ripples of stress and negative thoughts reflects the beauty Life.

Reflection of Western Ghats in Sharavathi backwaters 

Be joyful and celebrate yourself, in order to find bliss in this world.

Peacock in the act of grooming itself

Wish you all a fulfilling 2015 ! May it be your best year yet !
- Akula & Vinay