Orange-headed Thrush learns from Red-whiskered Bulbul

An early morning in January, Orange-headed Thrush, a new visitor arrived at the water-hole. It seemed hesitant about getting into water.

The Red-Whiskered Bulbul that you can see in the video is a resident and a regular visitor. It arrived on the scene and sipped water. Thrush almost immediately followed suit and took a sip of water.
Once the Bulbul leaves, Thrush goes around exploring the water-hole and it seemed to contemplate whether the water is safe to take a dip. Bulbul drops in again and this time it takes a dip. Though Thrush seemed to have noticed this, it is still puzzled.
Bulbul drops in for the third time and takes an elaborate bath. This time thrush observes the Bulbul’s actions thoroughly. Watch the video to see how these events unfold and what happens next…

Note: Keep your speakers on to hear the sounds and choose HD in video settings for best experience.

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