Perennial Valentines: Oriental White-eyes

I had the opportunity to observe a pair of Oriental White-eye from quite some time. They love spending quality time with each other: whether it is just sitting side by side sharing warmth, grooming each other or taking a dip in the waterhole.

Generally, Oriental White-eyes are considered sociable birds and seen foraging in small flocks, but this pair seems to believe that two is company and anything more is crowd! They have successfully raised many broods in past two years, however the moment the chicks are old enough to fend for themselves, they are sent away. The pair resumes their wonderful twosome life.

Watch and enjoy some of their moments together!

Note: Keep your speakers on to hear the natural sounds and choose HD in video settings for best experience.


  1. What lovely birds, and what a bright, cheerful sound. Thank you for posting this delightful video.


  2. Lovely birds! Great luck you're able to observe them! Thank you for sharing.